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We will feed your cat what they normally have at home whether it be wet or dry food (including premium brands). Normal food is included in the price. Cats on prescription or unusual diets can bring their food with them (clearly labelled in an airtight container). We are used to fussy eaters and will not let your cat go without eating, we have all sorts of foods to tempt them including fresh chicken, fresh fish, prawns and tuna in spring water!


Your cat will be supplied with a beautiful clean cosy bed.  Plenty of toys and climbing/scratching frames will also be provided. We respectfully ask our guests not to bring beds or blankets from home, this is so that we can adhere to our strict health and hygiene regime.

Grooming and cuddles

Your cat will receive daily playtime and cuddles (only if they like it!) as part of their daily timetable and we are happy to brush them if you bring their brush from home (and again, only if they enjoy it!)  Please note brushing is for your cats pleasure - We are not a grooming parlour so cannot de-mat your cat while it is with us.


Only cats with a current vaccination certificate for Feline Enteritis and Feline Calicivirus (Cat Flu) can be boarded at the Gatehouse Cattery. . The whole course i.e a first injection followed by a second injection 3 weeks later must have been administered prior to boarding. This applies to their first course of vaccinations only. Booster vaccinations must be up to date but can be given at any time prior to boarding. We do not accept cats who have been infected with FHV or FHV-1. 

A copy of your cat's vaccinations will be made and kept with their record card.

Cats Health

Cats are inspected at the time of arrival and any cat which appears poorly or does not comply with the above conditions will not be  accepted and the customer will lose their deposit (pending veterinary advice).  It is essential to protect the health of all the cats staying with us.

Only cats from the same home can share accommodation.

Male Cats must be neutered if over the age of 8 months.

Cats must be wormed and flea treated prior to their stay. If any cat is found with fleas it will be treated with 'Capstar' and the owner will be charged the cost of the treatment (£30 per cat, £20 per cat for 2 cats in together, £15 per cat for 3 or more in together). This charge includes the cost of treating the suite, beds and climbers with flea products after the cat leaves and deep cleaning.

You will be required to complete a veterinary form in case your cat is sick when staying with us. We will need to be able to gain access to a record of your cat's medical history and any relevant previous illnesses or problems. If your cat is on medication we will be happy to administer that at no extra charge if it is easily given in with their food. We charge £2 per day per cat per medication for medication which isn't taken in the food. So if your cat is on two types of medication given once a day this will be £4 per day etc.... 

If your cat is taken ill whilst in our care we will always try to contact, you in the first instance, and your vet. However, if you and your vet are not available we are supported by vet cover from Vetsmiths Wimborne. We will always do our best to ensure that your cat is seen by a vet as soon as is physically possible in an emergency.


Although all cats will be covered by our insurance policy, it is advisable that your cat is individually insured by yourselves including for veterinary treatment.  Although stringent measures are in place to protect your cat whilst in Gatehouse Cattery care, all animals are left at owners risk.

Payments and deposits

Prices are charged for each day or part of a day i.e day of arrival and day of departure are charged. 

To book your cat's stay at the Gatehouse Cattery you will be required to pay a 20% of the total stay fee at the time of booking as a NON- REFUNDABLE and NON TRANSFERABLE deposit. The deposit over the Xmas and New year period is either 20% or £50 whichever is greater and the minimum stay over this period is 7 days, you will need to pay for 7 days but you don't have to leave your cat(s) the total 7 days if you want less.  The remaining 80% of the fee will be payable on arrival.

If you cancel within 7 days of your cat's stay we would respectfully ask you to pay the entire stay in full.

By making a booking and paying a deposit you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Contact information

We will need a contact number for the duration of your cat's stay.